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WRAP Program



Access to all WRAP reports


Tier I

Access to 15 reports/assessments

$20,000 additional reports at $1000/report

Tier II

Access to 7 reports/assessments

$14,000 additional reports at $1500/report

Tier III

Access to 1 report/assessment

$4000 additional reports at $2000/report

WRAP Program Outline

Assessments of waste facilities follow a three year rotation schedule.

An organization can sign up to be a WRAP member (generator or receiver) and obtain all the reports for a particular assessment year.

If you would like to partcipate in the WRAP program this year, or would like to inquire about any potential assessments of facilities, please contact Wotherspoon Environmental Inc. (WEI)

The benefits of WRAP membership include:

  • Managed 3 year rotation schedule of waste receiver site assessments to meet corporate and/or regulatory requirements. Currently over 200 sites are included in the program. Visit the Facilities section to view the complete list of facilities.
  • Reduced costs (for member generators) of waste receiver assessment‚Ķ based on the number of facilities assessed in a given year and contributing WRAP member companies.
  • Improved productivity (for receivers) given one assessment conducted for multiple generators (rather than one assessment for each generator). Also provides method to satisfy external auditing requirements (for member receivers).
  • Increased awareness of waste receiver practices across western Canada.
  • Opportunity for input into the waste receiver site assessment list and protocol.

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