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New website launched for WRAP members.

2019 WRAP in progress. Reports will be published and accessible to members as completed. 2020 WRAP planning underway.

Facilities list updated for 2019, see Facilities page.

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WRAP Background

WRAP was initiated by a consortium of upstream oil and gas producers in 1999. The purpose of the assessment program is to determine the liability and risk associated with taking waste products to third party waste receivers. The waste receivers that are assessed provide a wide range of services and include treatment facilities, transfer stations, landfills and incineration facilities. The reports include a description of the assessment process, a facility description, plot plans, facility photographs, observations and findings, a detailed assessment scoring protocol and the overall facility rating.

Wotherspoon Environmental Inc. (WEI)

Wotherspoon Environmental Inc. (WEI) has been involved in waste management planning since 1988. WEI was the primary author of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) "Waste Management Guidelines for the Upstream Petroleum Industry". WEI’s experience with regards specifically to waste facility audits includes a 20 year partnership with a national insurance underwriting organization. For this term WEI has been the exclusive provider of Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) assessments and reports in Western Canada, which has included EIL inspections of hundreds of municipal and corporately owned waste transfer stations, landfills, recycle centres, and petroleum industry waste sites. WEI has managed the WRAP since 2011.

As the steward of the WRAP program, WEI is responsible for completing the assessments and reports each year.

Further information on WEI's complete line of services can be found at

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